Bananna up butt stories

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#1 Bananna up butt stories

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Bananna up butt stories

Get your vegetables I rub bananas all over my knob, then slide a condom on a carrot, lube it, and then stick it up my arse. Banana butt Get a long green banana, a rough Actress deshi girl teen condom, and some type of lube. Put the condom on the banana. Lube it and stick Bananna up butt stories up stoeies ass when you jack off for an explosive orgasm! A nice Raica oliveira sex cucumber I love to put on a pair of my wife's panties, preferably a thong, and lube up a nice size cucumber. I lube it Jp with baby oil and position it on the couch. Then I sit on it and I slowly work Bananna up butt stories up my ass. Meanwhile I slowly tug Bsnanna Bananna up butt stories cock until the cucumber is all the way in or I have taken as much as I can. It results in huge gobs of cum and a huge orgasm. Fucking cucumber I enjoy working my ass over stroies a cucumber. I strap it to the handle of a long screwdriver with masking tape. I then lube it with baby oil and brace the screwdriver ul it will brace. You can fuck yourself in many positions till you have managed to work the cucumber all the way up your ass or as srories as you can take. The orgasm is incredible. Veggie lover I like to lube up a zucchini and slide it up my arse while lying on the bed. Then I jack off until I'm nearly storkes to cum while pushing the zucchini in and out. I let the moment pass and then start rubbing again. After doing this Bananna up butt stories or 3 times I usually get to the point...

#2 Punishable bare bottoms

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Punishable bare bottoms

He was their next-door neighbor. They had just started going to college together up at the community college and even shared a psychology class. She guiltily had to admit he had to help her pass. The door opened and there stood the lanky young man she had grown up with. He opened the door further. What are you doing over here? She sat down, and out of the corner of her eye she could see his screen saver swirling back and forth. The next thing she knew he was back with drinks, and a tray with some bananas, cherries, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream. She was practically parched, in fact. She quickly grabbed the offered soda and downed half of it in seconds. She felt much better as the cold liquid soothingly massaged her throat with wonderful sensations. She never cursed and hated curse words as a rule of thumb. She considered them improper and vulgar slang substitutes or totally unwarranted and unnecessary adjectives. Surprisingly, it made her feel pleasantly dirty. Part of her reveled in that, then she heard a loud thumping and moaning coming from upstairs that brought her back to reality. He was even more of a geek than his son. He was a very successful geek, but a geek nonetheless. She started to get very upset at this and stood to leave; but turned first to expel her anger and protest such new crude behavior from him. Her mind screamed at her body. Cunt, slit, fuckhole; well all my holes are fuckholes He had a cock, she had a hole, they could get together and He leaned past her, rubbing up against her and arousing her even more than the sounds could possibly accomplish. She reached over for the banana and peeled it. She did not...

#3 Hustler lawan mower

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Hustler lawan mower

She stood under the steaming water watching the droplets bounce off her tiny titties and listened to Jen snicker. I heard Jake Knox has a big ole banana dick. Ever since she had moved here, almost two years ago now, she had been trying to fit in. It just seemed like the harder she tried, the harder the other girls pushed her away. She had to admit it was a shock leaving the big city and coming to this shit town, but she thought she had done everything right. She had joined a local church and started singing in the choir, she was active in as many clubs and extracurricular activity as possible, she made the cheer squad, and after the first few months she had adjusted to their fashion sense and even started trying to talk like they did. She was beginning to realize it was never gonna happen so it was time to start making her own way. The other cheerleaders had started to undress and were filtering into the shower around her. Skylar let one hand slide to her left breast and the other one all the way down to her freshly shaven crotch. As the other girls stared in an awed silence, she rubbed her nipple and worked her fingers into her tight pussy. She expected them to laugh or point, but instead they just stood there with their jaws on the floor. She continued twisting her fingers until one of them hit her clit and her knees started to tremble. She pictured Jake Knox mounting her from behind, with his "big ole banana dick" and she experienced a screaming orgasm right there in front of a shower full of the most popular girls in school. Then she just walked out of the shower, toweled off...

#4 Bloating and hardness under breasts

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Bloating and hardness under breasts

My wife Christina is a complete ass-play freak, and tonight she prepared a wonderful dinner for me while dressed up as a sexy french maid. Her curvy figure was accentuated by a jet-black satin corset with white lace edging. The stiff material pushed up her ample breasts into a creamy shelf of flesh that giggled lewdly as she picked up the dinner plates. Her golden blond hair was kept up in bun under a cute french maid hat that matched her elbow-length lace gloves. As she walked to the kitchen I watched her naked ass peek out under her wispy excuse of a skirt-apron, and her dangling pussy jewelry clicked softly with her steps. Between her perfectly round cheeks peeked her sparkling jeweled anal plug, hinting of the dessert to come. Her corset had long garter straps connected to thigh-high black fishnet stockings, and her seven inch heels sounded sexy over the marble floor. Christina disappeared into the kitchen. As I heard dishes clanging I wondered what was in her devilish mind tonight. As I mentioned already, my wife is heavy into ass play. Every morning and evening she gives herself deep enemas, which inevitably results in mind-blowing orgasms. She keeps a butt plug stuffed in her ass in all day, even during work under her business skirt. Her collection of anal toys is extensive, and her creativity for ass play is positively deviant. My mind wandered at all they kinky things we have done with her wonderful, stretchy ass. I loved every minute of it. After several minutes of daydreaming myself into a massive erection, Christina walked back in and moved the last of the table settings so the diner table was completely clear. As she climbed up onto the table, I asked "What's for dessert? Christina looked over...

#5 Calloway county whores

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Calloway county whores

It was just the average day for Frank iero, or so he thought. It was a bright and sunny day as he headed off to do his grocery shopping for the weekend. He got in his little car and started it up as he drove off to the nearest grocery store. He sang along to the car radio as he drove "wake meh up! Wake meh up inside! He eventually arrived at the store, he parked his car and got out. Locking it he listened for the little bleep noise that told him his car was locked. He smiled in satisfaction as he heard the noise and turned to walk into the store. Once in the store, frank grabbed a basket and set about to gather the things on his shopping list. Pretty soon frank had gathered half of the things in his list, all that was left were the bananas and milk. He made his way over to the fruit section with his little legs as he held the basket in the crook of his arm. His eyes wondered over the piles of bananas as he searched for the most delicious looking bananas. He then noticed something, something strange in the corner of the fruit section, leaning against the wall hidden away. Because frank was curious and loved a little adventure, we made his way over to the mysterious thing. His eyes widened as he came to see what it was. It was a giant banana. Frank reached out his hand and ran it over the smooth yellow skin of the banana peel. Suddenly the banana turned a little as it became clearer to frank that this banana had a face, the face of a man. Frank looked at it closely. Frank was a little surprised that this banana...

Bananna up butt stories

Don't Put a Banana in Your Ass!

Free Original Erotic Stories. tag AnalGoing "Fine." Skylar said, and tried to continue up the stairs, but Mom peeked her head out into the hallway. She wasn't exactly sure why, but she really wanted the banana in her ass when she came. Oct 18, - One story, from the site, details the adventures of a guy who was "Drunk off his ass who found his vacuum cleaner a bit too appealing. This story is authorized for publication at, and may be The door opened and there stood the lanky young man she had grown up with. . “Oh, God yes, come stick it up my ass; this banana could never fill me like you can,”.

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