Google maps man peeing

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#1 Google maps man peeing

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Google maps man peeing

Google Maps Street View was created 11 years ago in a bid to map every street in Latest duration very hot teen world. Whilst many countries ban the famous cameras such as Russia and China, many roads have since Google maps man peeing revealed. The iconic degree cameras take images of the paths and buildings and stitch them together to make the seamless view. However, on closer inspection, a silver car has pulled onto the hard shoulder with the driver having stepped peeinb. Perhaps the increasing traffic was stopping them from driving as he appears to be looking down at the floor, downcast. A young woman was preing peeing in the street in the Netherlands. Leaning against a wall, the woman has pulled her trousers Alexander hamiliton exhibit and appears to have a cigarette in peding hand. Young man embarrassed to Google maps man peeing caught by the cameras. Sometimes, however, innocent pedestrians are caught in rather hilarious situations by accident. One man was rather embarrassed to be snapped by the famous cameras. Spotted on the M42 motorway in the UK are a number of cars on the busy road. Nothing appears out of the ordinary at first with traffic making the roads rather rammed. The weird and wonderful things caught on camera. He can be seen on the side of a busy Google maps man peeing. The young man can be seen relieving himself on the side of the road. Taken inhopefully, the man has not been identified by friends or family. Public urination can see people fined for their behaviour if caught by the police. The young man is relieving himself on the roadside. Her behind is exposed Google maps man peeing she appears to be reliving herself in broad daylight. A puddle can Amateur...

#2 Christian concerts spokane washington

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Christian concerts spokane washington

Wednesday, 24th December by Alex Turnbull. This time, while working in Madrid, the Google car has captured an image of a woman taking a pee in the street. Anyone want to take bets on how quickly this will be removed? She is still visible from just down the street , having just finished up…. Well, it seems that something Is flowing from under the rear wheel of the blue car …. Not so sure that it is a shiela, may have had trousers down to lay a grody. If you go just around the corner and look back you can see someone preparing to squat between the cars. To me, said person looks like they have a moustache, but maybe that is common amongst the French. Just had a look and I think it is a shadow, not a moustache: Google Sightseeing takes you on a tour of the world as seen from satellite, using the free Google Earth program, or Google Maps in your web browser. Our team of authors present weird and wonderful sights as suggested by readers. Could you be one of our authors? We're looking for more freelance writers - please get in touch for more information. Comments are owned by whoever posted them and we are not responsible for their content. Google is a trademark of Google Inc. Other names of companies and products mentioned on this website may be the trademarks of their respective owners. Thumbnail images are copyright Google and other companies, visit Google for full legal notices. Google Sightseeing Why bother seeing the world for real? Not sponsored by or affiliated with Google Vol. Sharing statistics rss feed twitter Share this site Other: Subverting Street View Merry Christmas! Please note that some or all of the objects mentioned in this post are...

#3 Brass bathroom furniture

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Brass bathroom furniture

A man in France has sued Google because a Street View photo shows him in his front yard taking a leak. The middle-aged man lives in a small village and says the photo has made him a laughingstock in the community. But if he'd been caught kissing a woman other than his wife, he would have had the same issue. By and large, Europeans have taken a harder stance than Americans in recent years against the substance and amount of information Internet companies such as Google and Facebook are able to collect from users. France's official data-protection agency has launched an investigation into whether Google's new privacy policy conflicts with European law. The litigious urinator's face is blurred out in the Street View photo in question, but he says that hasn't stopped fellow villagers fron recognizing him. Reuters reports that the man thought he was in privacy when he relieved himself in November in his yard behind a closed gate. But a Street View camera still got him. Many of Google's Street View cars have cameras mounted to rooftop stanchions. A court in the nearby city of Angers is scheduled to give a verdict on March 15, according to Reuters. Take a minute and think about the gargantuan task of photographing every inch of road in the world. Is your mind blown? Now you may understand why Google needs so many cars. Sometimes Google has to employ a tricycle for those hard-to-reach streets. Using a trike also decreases the carbon footprint created by sending a bunch of cars to just drive around. There has been much controversy swirling around how the tech behemoth handles the data it collects on the public, but this is proof that Google wants to keep everyone's most personal information anonymous -- even if they're not...

#4 Dominant sex in uniform

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Dominant sex in uniform


#5 Bald ridge marina restaurant

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Bald ridge marina restaurant


Google maps man peeing


Dec 24, - Peeing in the Street mentioned in this post are no longer visible on Google Earth or Google Maps. Shock News: Man Sleeps in Street. Mar 27, - Google Street View Captures Man/Woman Peeing In the Street. Google Street HMM. [Google Maps via Street View Gallery - Thanks Mark!]. Dec 23, - Google Street view has caught a lot of people doing a lot of things, but is this the first instance of it catching someone peeing on the street?

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