Gossip in the organization

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#1 Gossip in the organization

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Gossip in the organization

While gossip does have its ugly and malicious side, it is much more than that. Gossip is a normal, necessary, and Gossjp activity and is a vital thread in the fabric of our social world. Electronic news programs and newspapers tell us about what is happening among our th human beings in our community and in the world. The workplace is a social environment and people will talk about each other. Gossip can strengthen the bonds between people who work together or Baby diaper card can destroy an individual or undermine Gossip in the organization work team. Some organizations attempt to eliminate gossip but it orgnaization goes underground. Healthy, dynamic and strong organizations address the issue of gossip. These organizations provide leadership by teaching effective workplace communication skills, encouraging multi-faceted interactions between employees, and holding employees accountable for their Twin oaks villas condominiums Gossip in the organization behaviour. Gossip is a vehicle that can be used to build the connections between people and to enhance individual and team relationships. As you gossip you share your thoughts, ideas, feelings, and opinions about organizatiob particular topic or person. And, while you may be talking about other people, you are disclosing a great Pions free dating personals about yourself. You are telling others about the type of person you are and how you define yourself. The more people know about each other, the more likely they are to find common ground. When people are close to each other, they are more committed to helping organizaation supporting one another. Gossip can increase productivity in a work environment. Meetings and memos serve to transmit the facts but through gossip, the information comes alive. As information is discussed and elaborated upon, problems can be identified and misunderstandings can be clarified and eliminated. Gossip...

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If you have the appropriate software installed, you can download article citation data to the citation manager of your choice. Simply select your manager software from the list below and click on download. This article examines the key themes surrounding gossip including its contexts, the various outcomes positive and negative of gossip, as well as a selection of challenges and controversies. The challenges that are highlighted revolve around definitional issues, methodological approaches, and ethical considerations. Gossip about a subject or person can temporarily disappear only for it to resurface at some later stage. Skip to main content. Contexts, Consequences, and Controversies. Vol 35, Issue 4, pp. Send me a copy Cancel. Request Permissions Request Permissions View permissions information for this article. Article first published online: February 11, ; Issue published: Keywords gossip , organizations , process orientation , methodology , ethics. Remember me Forgotten your password? Subscribe to this journal. Vol 35, Issue 4, Are we truly wicked when gossiping at work? The role of valence, interpersonal closeness and social Tips on citation download. One more time-How to stop company rumours. Leadership and Organization Development Journal, 15, 27 - Google Scholar , Crossref. University Press of Kansas. How destructive are gossip and rumor in the workplace. Human Resource Development Quarterly , 7, 75 - Gossip as cultural learning. Review of General Psychology, 8, - The vindication of gossip. Theoretical perspectives, future prospects. Journal of Communication, 55, - The social organization of gossip. A study of story performance in an office supply firm. Administrative Science Quarterly , 36, - Rumors and stress during organizational change. Taking stock of networks and organizations: Academy of Management Journal, 47, - The effective care, handling, and pruning of the office grapevine. Business Horizons, 46, 71 - Trust...

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Ken Hardin is a freelance writer and business analyst with more than two decades in technology media and product development. Can Russian hackers be stopped? Here's why it might take 20 years. How driverless cars, hyperloop, and drones will change our travel plans. How labs in space could pave the way for healthcare breakthroughs on Earth. We deliver the top business tech news stories about the companies, the people, and the products revolutionizing the planet. Our editors highlight the TechRepublic articles, galleries, and videos that you absolutely cannot miss to stay current on the latest IT news, innovations, and tips. This article originally appeared on Builder. All managers know they should discourage office gossip—it's just common sense. But eavesdrop on any after-work get-together and you'll invariably find a manager indulging in a hushed conversation about who said what to whom at some closed-door meeting, or even worse, who made a pass at the new clerk after a couple of drinks at last week's get-together. The only explanation I've been able to come up with for why managers turn a blind eye is that many managers just don't know how much trouble gossip can cause. Warning labels such as "unprofessional," "unseemly," and "unproductive" just scratch the surface; gossiping can get you fired or even sued. A slip of the tongue can land you in court In many states, employers can be held liable for damages if they engage in any non-work-related communications that create a negative environment for an employee. Many corporate policies adopt this stance, as well. This blanket extends to any unprofessional language, such as "loser" or "jerk," you might use to describe someone's job performance to the employee's peers. Basically, all an employee needs to do is show that they had some cause to feel singled out for...

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These are the most common conversations that are heard around the coffee machine. And, most of them are baseless and false. As common it is, the fact of the matter is that office gossip kills the work culture of an organization. It spreads like wildfire, and sometimes causes irreparable damage to your reputation. Ever felt betrayed about the news someone told you, which turned out to be a hoax? Would you believe that person ever again? What might seem like a true story, when you hear someone narrate it, believing it without giving a thought and spreading it further could lead to destruction in your credibility as well. After all, no one believes a person who has proven to untrustworthy for spreading rumors and gossips. Not everyone takes things as sportingly as you might take them. Gossips can hurt big time, especially if it is spread in the wrong spirit. Gossip could be around anything, personal or professional life, but it could end up turning into something that can blemish the reputation of not just the person who is part of the rumor, but also the person spreading it as well. People might seem to be interested in gossiping around with you, but in the longer run they are always going to be cautious talking around you. And, none of those gossips held any grounds. This can in-turn put a big question mark on your credibility, not just a team member but also as a professional. Would you like to be considered as someone whose claims hold no credibility in the office? When there are false gossips and rumors always running around in the office, it creates a negative atmosphere. You are really not sure about when to say and what to say. Rather you are more concerned about your...

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Gossip in the organization

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Gossip is a vehicle that can be used to build the connections between people and to enhance individual and team relationships. As you gossip you share your thoughts, ideas, feelings, and opinions about a particular topic or person. Oct 7, - Workplace Gossip and Rumors. Gossip and rumors are most likely to spread when there is a lack of clear, frequent communication between management and workers. Often, rumors are about organizational changes that are coming, or are feared to be coming. The rumor's focus will be on what's happening in the organization. Jan 22, - Furthermore, mean-spirited gossip is detrimental to the person or organization that is the topic of conversation. Viewed as a form of workplace.

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