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#1 Het loo netherlands

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Het loo netherlands

It is a very nice place, very romantic, a hotel is excellent, the restaurant there is absolutely Audio tours are recommended since there is so much information about Het loo netherlands room. It is a very nice place, very romantic, a hotel is excellent, the restaurant there is absolutely unique: The Paleis Het Loo is well worth a visit and the gardens too. Lovely place, take a tour! You can learn a lot of information about the history of the country. Interesting to see inside a royal building, as the family still live there. I thought it was quite expensive, especially considering the money goes to the royal Nice that i can be there and see It is lovely in summer, not so good when the weather is cold. The park next to it is also very nice. We visited the palace this Christmas, took the audio tour which is highly recommended. The tour gives you a good overview of the history of both the palace and the Dutch dynasty. The palace was decorated for christmas which gave it an additional touch! Although it was very Het loo netherlands we used the opportunity of our stay here in the Netherlands to visit the only Dutch Royal palace open to the public, although we learned that it is going to be closed for the next 3 years from the 7th This beautiful palace breaths the royal history thru the ages. Here you can wander and admire all the exhibitions trough the year. A recommendable visit will be during Christmas where there's the Christmas deckings, Winter wonderland festive events such as ice skating, Het loo netherlands, hot drinks, First of all, the palace has a large parking lot. The entrance ticket counter is a new building with a very friendly and helpfull...

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Paleis Het Loo, the Dutch royal hunting lodge and Baroque summer palace famous for its sumptuous interior and formal gardens, is a popular day-trip destination in the Netherlands. Het Loo Palace is a former Dutch royal residence located near Apeldoorn in the province Gelderland in the Netherlands. Originally a hunting lodge and summer residence, the large Baroque palace erected by Stadtholder William and Mary, also later king and queen of England, is now a museum on how the monarchs of the House of Orange lived during the previous three centuries. The palace is beautifully furnished but for many the true highlight is the magnificently restored baroque formal gardens that contributed to it sometimes being referred to as the Dutch Palace of Versailles. Het Loo Palace is a popular daytrip destination from Amsterdam and Holland. In , when he, and his wife Mary Stuart, became king and queen of England as well, a prestigious baroque palace with symmetrical formal gardens to rival Versailles were called for and duly constructed. The palace remained a royal summer residence of the House of Orange for the following three centuries and mostly still resembles the original appearance. Queen Wilhelmina used Het Loo as primary residence from her abdication in until her death in She vastly expanded the size of the estate before donating it to the Dutch state to preserve it as a park. The last royal residents moved out in Paleis Het Loo opened as a museum in while the formal gardens were more recently restored to its former baroque magnificence. Het Loo Palace is a very popular year-round day-trip destination in the Netherlands. The gardens are particularly spectacular during late spring and early summer while Christmas decorations draw visitors during the advent period in December. From here it is a few...

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Like the other European monarchs, he wished to impress his visitors and show them how rich and distinguished he was. William and his wife, the English princess Mary Stuart, were lovers of architecture and landscape design. So when they ascended the English throne in , they had splendid gardens with pavilions built that were worthy of their new status. After her abdication in , she retired to the palace, and died there in The castle has been opened to the public since , after extensive renovations. Needless to say, the Palace Het Loo in Apeldoorn will take your breath away. You can visit the palace any day of the week, except on Mondays. Due to large-scale renovations, the palace will be closed until The stables and gardens are open to the public, however. Apeldoorn is a city surrounded by natural beauty in the province of Gelderland. Shows and demonstrations with sea lions, walruses and of course dolphins. De Hoge Veluwe National Park. Explore De Hoge Veluwe on a white bike, free of charge, or during an exciting safari. The oldest National Park of the Netherlands has been attracting nature lovers since Will you also come and admire the nature and the estates? Visit the many historic buildings, museums and cafes and restaurants in this old Hanseatic town. Historic Hanseatic town on IJsselmeer lake with many monuments and excellent restaurants. Walking in De Hoge Veluwe. Explore the nature and wildlife of the Veluwe and taste local produce in its renowned restaurants. Celebrate Christmas at a castle. Visit a Christmas market at a castle or country estate to get into the Christmas mood right away. Soak up centuries of history and stories from the region in this imposing museum castle. From historic telescopes to cultural artefacts, step into the...

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A Dutch baroque garden with rich decoration, made by William and Mary, who later held the English throne. Foreign visitors have often seen Het Loo as 'the Versailles of Holland', because of its axial layout, fountains, parterres and statues. Dutch critics aknowledge a slight debt to French ideas but emphasise its national identity. At Het Loo, William's garden does not dominate the landscape. It is an enclosed space, tucked into the woods for private enjoyment. Outside the garden there are a few avenues, for hunting and for scenic effect. The box parterres in the lower garden are simple by the standards of the time. The Great Garden has a central axis and radiating walks designed by a protestant refugee, Daniel Marot, who was described as a mathematician when he designed the garden. Orange trees were placed in the garden as an emblem of the Prince of Orange and for their association with Hercules. In the eighteenth century, William III's baroque garden was destroyed to make a landscape park. Beginning in , the garden was fully restored for its th anniversary in , with some of the old trees left to live out their natural lives in the lower parterre. In a curious way, the restoration adds to Het Loo's interest. The brickwork, trelliswork and ornaments are as brash as they must have been in , though the use of cement mortar and concrete remind one that Het Loo is now a twentieth century garden and a manifestation of Europe's ever-growing passion for garden history. The first quotation is by from an English admirer of the protestant king who visited Het Loo in The restoration of the design was a significant indicator of the twentieth century's rising enthusiasm for garden history. Eighteenth and nineteenth century modifications were swept away, to...

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Het Loo Palace Dutch: The garden was designed by Claude Desgotz. However, the King of Prussia claimed them, as he also descended from the Oranges, and the Houses of Orange and of Prussia had, a few generations before, made an inheritance contract. Therefore, most of the properties, including Het Loo, were in fact taken over by the Hohenzollerns, who never lived there. The palace then remained a private residence of the younger House of Orange-Nassau until the death of Queen Wilhelmina in In Queen Wilhelmina had declared that when she died the palace would go to the State. She did, however, request that it would be returned to her family if the Dutch were to abolish the monarchy. Her daughter, Queen Juliana , never lived there, but her younger daughter, Princess Margriet , lived in the right wing until The building was renovated between and Since , the palace is a state museum open for the general public, showing interiors with original furniture, objects and paintings of the House of Orange-Nassau. It also houses a library devoted to the House of Orange-Nassau and the Museum van de Kanselarij der Nederlandse Orden Museum of the Netherlands Orders of Knighthood's Chancellery with books and other material concerning decorations and medals. The building is a rijksmonument and is among the Top Dutch heritage sites. The Dutch Baroque architecture of Het Loo takes pains to minimize the grand stretch of its construction, so emphatic at Versailles, and present itself as just a fine gentleman's residence. Het Loo is not a palace but, as the title of its engraved portrait illustration, below states, a "Lust-hof" a retreat, or "pleasure house". Nevertheless, it is situated entre cour et jardin "between court and garden" as Versailles and its imitators, and even as fine Parisian...

Het loo netherlands

Het Loo Palace in Apeldoorn, Gelderland

Due to the renewal and renovation the palace is closed. Paleis Het Loo is 'Open, just not as usual'. You are more than welcome in the gardens, stables, the  ‎Getting here · ‎Museum Shop · ‎Plan your visit · ‎See & do. A Dutch baroque garden with rich decoration, made by William and Mary, who later held the English throne. Foreign visitors have often seen Het Loo as 'the Ve. Dec 11, - Het Loo Palace (in Dutch: 'Paleis Het Loo') is a Dutch Baroque palace in Apeldoorn, Netherlands. The palace was built for stadtholder-king.

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