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#1 Penn reels vintage

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Penn reels vintage

Started by eklutnaJuly 7, Posted July 7, I was wondering about old Penn reels. It is a shame that there are not any books on the subject. If there are I have not seen or Penn reels vintage of them. I know that the "F" and "K" models were the first to go into production as per the Penn website. The "K" module turned into the Long Beach. The website did not say what the "F" models Harry potter riding into. I have two older Penn Peenn. One is the 14 and the other is the Both have wood handles. From what I have learned from this website I believe that they date from between late forties to the early fifties. I would like to get my hands on a mid thirties Penn reel. I saw on another web site where three very old reels were mentioned. I Penn reels vintage going to research these modles. Does any one know what were some of the other very early Penn modules. I have a catalog 20 Cir and am looking for a very early catalog. I saw a catalog numbered 11 at auction but doddled and another got it. I would Penn reels vintage much like to see a 1 catalog. Use the search feature and check the previous posts for "Penn" as there are several very enthusiastic Penn collectors with a lot of knowledge on their specialty. Someone just asked the same question a few weeks ago and I believe the F became the Seahawk and the K became the Bayside and Longbeach freespool version. There's also a Seaford that is also a mid 30s reel. While you don't have to join to get on the message board, one of the ORCA member benefits is that you have access...

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Penn fishing reels began with tackle inventor Otto Henze. He was just 25 years-old when he left his homeland of Germany and immigrated to the United States. Otto was a visionary with the great ambition of owning his own tackle company where he could make reels with the ability to set world records. In , Henze left his job and began his fishing equipment business. The factory was small as it was located in a third floor loft in Philadelphia. However, Otto introduced two reels that year. The first reel was the Mod F, which was constructed as a surf casting reel that weighed ounces and included bakelite side plates. That same year, Henze issued the Mod K reel with similar styling and equipment as the Mod F, but was designed with a spool that was lever free with metal armored side plates. The reel inventor produced two types of Mod K reels. One was designed with a star drag while the other reel did not include one. Otto Henze waited until to sell his reels to the general fishing public and gave his first two reels new names. Vintage reel collectors will know that they have found a Sea Hawk reel by the mechanism's dark brown finish along with the bright turquoise handles and nickel plated enhancements. The reel features non-stripping gears and the spool is a lightweight edition. Moreover, collectors can recognize the vintage Long Beach reel by the yellow or turquoise crank handle. In , the Penn Company released the Senator reel, which would become the company's most popular reel. In fact, the reel soon turned into the device most often used when winding in world record breaking catches. Collectors interested in adding a Senator reel to their tackle boxes should look for an aluminum spool with...

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About Vintage Penn Reel Shop the large inventory of fishing supplies including Penn vintage fishing reels! Skip to main content. Vintage Penn Reel Refine Results. Browse Related Browse Related. Also shop in Also shop in. Used, has wear marks and definitely has seen some epic battles. Wars m was the LA billfish clubs presidents reel. Both reels are in very good condition. Both reels are in excellent working condition with all internal components being fully functional. Has the original picture box, plastic Penn bag for the reel and an extra spool in it's own small box, but it has a chip on the extra spool. The reel is in ex cond. This is a really clean good working Penn model level wind conventional reel. Everything seems to work well - anti-reverse, drag, etc. The spool shows little use. It has been used but seems to be working fine. Salt water or fresh water this is a great reel. It has finish wear but a good solid and very good working reel ready to fish. Spool has surface wear as you see but it is in solid good shape and sits and spins well. The plates are in good solid shap Vintage Penn Delmar No. It works really smooth. With the addition of new line, it would be ready to go fishing. The reel has a red handle with catalog number 29B. Also included here is the instruction manual, pole mounting hardware and a used tube of Penn Lube. There is minor oxidation on the reel but everythin This reel has been has been cleaned inside and out and oiled. A great looking dependable reel For sale- lot of 4 vintage reels for sale. They are in fairly good condition. I think they are all Penn one reel has lost it's...

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Penn Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Company is an American manufacturer of fishing tackle, primarily known for fishing reels and rods. Otto Henze, immigrated to the United States from Germany in Encouraged by the sales, Henze developed two more designs. Privation during the Great Depression forced families into subsistence fishing, aiding company growth. Penn Reels grew from a regional presence to a world leader in the years that followed. The Penn Model F was a surf reel designed for distance casting. It had bakelite side plates and weighed twelve ounces. The similar Model K added a lever actuated free spool and durable metal reinforced plates. It was offered with and without a star drag. An adjustable bearing allowed the spool be tightened to prevent backlash. The choice of coastal Atlantic and Pacific cities for the former K models reinforced their connection to saltwater fishing. In , a revolutionary new reel was introduced to catch the most challenging game fish , the Senator. Some remain in use to this day. Over different models are manufactured today. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from " https: Pages using infobox company with unsupported parameters. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 10 June , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Spirit Lake, Iowa formerly Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Penn reels vintage

Vintage Penn Reel

Penn Fishing Reels/Vintage-New-Classic. Penn fishing reels began with tackle inventor Otto Henze. He was just 25 years-old when he left his homeland of Germany and immigrated to the United States. Henze found employment at the Ocean City Reels Company, which was located in Philadelphia. Help with identifying, valuing & purchasing your vintage, old, classic, or antique fishing reel or tackle. Lots of information & photos. Big Game Reels. Kovalovsky. Penn Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Company is an American manufacturer of fishing tackle, primarily known for fishing reels and rubun.infoarters‎: ‎Spirit Lake, Iowa‎; formerly Phila.

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