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#1 Sexual well-being information provided medical

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Sexual well-being information provided medical

Access to youth friendly health services is vital for ensuring sexual and reproductive health SRH and well-being of adolescents. This study is a descriptive review of the effectiveness of initiatives to improve adolescent access to and utilization of sexual and reproductive health services SRHS in low- and middle-income countries. We examined four SRHS Sexual well-being information provided medical types: Outcomes assessed across the four providev included uptake of SRHS or sexual and reproductive health commodities and sexual and reproductive health biologic outcomes. There is limited evidence to support the effectiveness of initiatives that simply provide adolescent friendliness training for health workers. Data are most ample 10 initiatives demonstrating weak but positive effects and one randomized controlled trial demonstrating strong Pregnancy due date tracker results on some outcome measures for approaches that use a combination of health worker training, adolescent-friendly facility improvements, and broad information dissemination via the community, schools, and mass media. We found a paucity informaion evidence on out-of-facility—based strategies, except for those delivered through mixed-use youth centers that demonstrated that SRHS in these centers are neither well used nor effective at improving SRH outcomes. There was an absence of studies or evaluations examining outcomes among Sexjal or marginalized adolescents. Findings from 17 of 21 initiatives assessing demand-generation activities demonstrated at least some association with adolescent SRHS use. Packages of interventions that train health workers, improve facility adolescent friendliness, and endeavor to generate demand through multiple channels are ready for large-scale implementation. However, further evaluation of Sexual well-being information provided medical initiatives is needed to clarify mechanisms and impact, especially of specific program components. Quality research is needed to determine effective means to deliver services outside the facilities, to reach marginalized or vulnerable adolescents, and to determine effective approaches to increase community acceptance of adolescent SRHS. The authors...

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We need to do more to raise awareness about STIs and how they can be prevented, especially the effectiveness of using condoms. It is also vital to ensure there is easy access to STI testing and treatment services that meet the needs of local populations. In , over 1. Those in this age category experience the highest STI diagnosis rates, double those of people aged 25 amongst men and seven times as high amongst women Public Health England, National Chlamydia Screening Programme. However, it is clear that significant progress is still required to change the attitudes and behaviours of young people in relation to sexual well being. In light of these challenges, this symposium will offer; universities, FE colleges, local authorities, sexual health service providers, GP practices, public health bodies, community pharmacies, student groups and voluntary organisations, a timely and invaluable opportunity to formulate methods of improving student sexual health and well being and raising student awareness. It will also allow delegates to share best practice on the prompt referral of students to services outside educational settings. The best public policy is made when you are listening to people who are going to be impacted. Then, once a policy is determined, you call on them to help you sell it. Event Brochure click here to download brochure. Student Sexual Health and Well Being: Promoting integration, innovation and value for money Meeting the Needs of Students: Delivering flexible and easy accessible services for young people From the Campus to the Community: Establishing good referral and liaison mechanisms with local services Integrating Sexual Health into Broader Services for Young People: Increasing contraception use, the uptake of testing and partner notification Providing Comprehensive Information and Advice: Improving understanding around issues of consent, unprotected sex and stable relationships Tailored and Targeted Support: This...

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The focus of these articles is especially timely given the population burden of these conditions in the United States and other nations, and the growing recognition that, despite the sensitive nature of the topic, addressing the broad construct of sexual health can enhance the national dialogue in this area and increase the effectiveness of public health programs. The concept of sexual health has evolved since its initial articulation by the World Health Organization WHO in , 5 but it has generally emphasized well-being across a range of life domains e. Sexual health is a state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being in relation to sexuality; it is not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction, or infirmity. Sexual health requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships, as well as the possibility of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences, free of coercion, discrimination, and violence. Sexual health is a state of well-being in relation to sexuality across the life span that involves physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual dimensions. Sexual health is an intrinsic element of human health and is based on a positive, equitable, and respectful approach to sexuality, relationships, and reproduction, that is free of coercion, fear, discrimination, stigma, shame, and violence. Sexual health is impacted by socioeconomic and cultural contexts—including policies, practices, and services—that support healthy outcomes for individuals, families, and their communities. Similar to the WHO definition, this newer definition is health-focused, emphasizing well-being related to sexuality that is beyond the absence of specific health problems, in multiple dimensions of life, as well as positive and respectful approaches to sexuality and relationships. Moving beyond the WHO definition, the CHAC definition also specifically emphasizes attributes of sexual health at both the individual level e. In the past decade, there has been increasing attention to...

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Participants at two-year schools wanted referrals to resources, whereas participants at four-year schools expected resources to be available and emphasized the importance of a supportive community. Students at two- and four-year colleges have different expectations of their institutions; by making resources and referrals for sexual health available, colleges can better serve their students, which will result in improved health outcomes. It is responsible for helping develop all of its students in ways far beyond just giving them facts about subjects…the main objective of a college, university is…about developing the students and making them versatile people that can adapt to situations in the real world…the well being of students is a big piece of being able to develop them as people. Sexual education is a fairly basic thing for a mature person to have. College students are often transitioning from their family unit toward independence. College-aged youth are at increased risk of negative outcomes related to sexual health compared to the rest of the population. According to the CDC, the higher prevalence of negative sexual health outcomes among adolescents and young adults may reflect multiple barriers to accessing quality preventative services, including discomfort with facilities and services designed for adults. As of , only The link between people and the environment is the basis for a socio-ecological approach to health. They have reported that college students and non-college students hold different beliefs; 21 it is possible that two-year and four-year college students have different beliefs as well. Interactive qualitative methods allow the researcher and participant to jointly contribute to identifying new knowledge; this interactive dance is not possible with other approaches such as self-report questionnaires. Further, the sensitive nature of the topic warranted interviews rather than focus groups because individuals could interact in one-to-one discussions rather than speak up in...

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If you are looking for sexual health information from a patient's perspective please visit the NHS Direct Wales links alongside. Below you can find out more about what the NHS is doing to help improve the sexual health and wellbeing of the population in Wales. The Group recognised that more effort is required to improve and narrow inequalities in the sexual health of the population. Community pharmacies have traditionally provided a range of sexual health services and these have developed over time to include the supply of contraceptives, devices and drugs for impotence and the treatment of infection, the sale of condoms and pregnancy testing kits, supply of Emergency Hormonal Contraception and provision of Chlamydia testing and treatment. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence NICE is an independent organisation responsible for providing national guidance on promoting good health and preventing and treating ill health. NHS Evidence provides free access to clinical and non-clinical information - local, regional, national and international. Information includes evidence, guidance and Government policy. One role of Public Health Wales is to contribute to protecting the population of Wales from infection. This includes prevention and control strategies for STIs and BBVs through surveillance of symptomatic infection, independent advice, epidemiological investigation and research. Expertise in evaluation is provided through the Public Health Improvement Research Network PHIRN , a thematic research network which draws together policy makers, service providers and researchers for a collaborative and coordinated response to meet policy and service development needs in public health research in Wales. It has particular strengths in the area of the design and evaluation of complex interventions in public health and can play an important part in building understanding of successful strategies for improving sexual health and wellbeing. We use cookies on this website, and some may have been...

Sexual well-being information provided medical

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Nov 12, - to enhance the provision of sexual health services; and Improving sexual wellbeing therefore requires a holistic approach that incorporates . including provision of accurate positive information about sex and sexual health. Working in Partnership to Improve Sexual Health Services for those Attending drug and alcohol and mental health; Consider how to provide tailored information and sexual health services and provide advice to young people on well being. Use this section to find information on a range of sexual and reproductive health clinics and Resources on Hepatitis C for healthcare professionals provided by NHS Choices. Sexual Health and Wellbeing for Wales Action Plan

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