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#1 Tanning promotional ideas

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Tanning promotional ideas

The first steps to take need to involve an honest approach to what it is that you do. Many tanning salons have a good established base of customers, but Tanning promotional ideas marketing ideas can help your business grow and reach new potential customers to fill out your daily appointments. Are you ready to have your tanning salon reach its maximum potential? Offer people value in return for signing up with a monthly tanning plan. Is oral hcg any good can be Tanning promotional ideas in a variety of ways, from free tanning sessions for a month by promotinoal up with a contract, a discount equal to the sign-up fee on a bottle of lotion, or even upgrade credits if you provide them. Even though Tanninf Tanning promotional ideas into these might be small, the outcome for a potential customer might be huge. Give new customers a customized gift bag with samples of the various products that you have in the store Tanning promotional ideas they might like. Samples are a small expense at worst and free at best and Tanning promotional ideas gift bag Vintage replica guns to show your clients that you care about their business. Offer incentives to repeat customers that will help both of you in some way. A referral contest, for example, could drive new memberships to your tanning salon while your existing customer base Tanning promotional ideas for Tanning promotional ideas they really want, like Tanning promotional ideas free month of Rectal wall collapse or a free bottle of their favorite lotion. Start a Facebook page, tweet out specials Latinos osos tema on Twitter, and utilize other sites promtoional Tumblr or Pinterest to reach even more people with your value that is being offered. Start a loyalty program that provides...

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Using photos of happy, tanned customers helps creative a positive vibe in your advertising. Developing advertising ideas for your tanning salon starts with identifying people most likely to want a tan, such as college students preparing for spring break or adults who want to change the way they look. According to the PBS, more than 19, businesses in the United States provide indoor tanning, making it important that your advertising helps the salon stand out from nearby competitors. Since you need customers year-round, use your advertising to educate prospects about the benefits of tanning. Tanning salons often advertise packages of sessions, so making your ad more appealing than the competition is vital -- offer a supply of lotion for free when the customer signs up for the package. Explain the value of the free lotion as beneficial for securing a deeper tan. Another ad might offer a two-for-one deal for friends or couples to use during certain hours if your salon has more than one tanning bed. Encourage Facebook followers to share the offer with others in exchange for a free tanning session each time they introduce a new client who signs up for session package. An inexpensive way to advertise tanning or lotion is to look for newsletters mailed to clubs, gyms or college student groups in your area. Some of these associations allow you to print and provide a pile of full-page flyers that they collate into the newsletter for a small insertion fee. Print extra flyers, and ask travel agencies that book winter vacations, boutique stores that sell swim wear and snorkeling and diving shops to hand them out. Convince a local celebrity, such as a beauty queen, athlete or well-known person who locals instantly recognize to use your tanning services for free in exchange for using...

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To help you out, we spoke with industry professionals to get their advice. Here are 31 salon marketing ideas from the pros to help you develop a solid clientele in no time:. Managing calls and emails from clients wanting to book appointments can be complicated and take up a lot of your time. Click here to get started. Have a selfie station — everybody is all about social media and great hair, so why not have a small area set up in front of your company logo or stylist station and have the clients snap photos and share all over social media. Also put a sticker in the mirror with your own hashtag if you have it. Mix up your promotions based upon each season or upcoming holiday. Promote services like wedding upstyles, ombre haircolor, all natural hair smoothing, texturizing, sugar hair removal and threading. As a salon or spa owner, consider getting involved in your community by sponsoring a local fashion show. Offer your salon to a local runway show in exchange for advertisements in the brochure, access to photographer photos, and networking opportunities. Build a public relations campaign by interviewing with local media as part of the event. As a former runway model, a group of dedicated makeup and hair artists would work the shows I walked in. They became familiar faces, and I found my go-to stylists quickly. Not only did I build a relationship with them and their brick-and-mortar location, but they received frequent press and credit in media outreach surrounding the events. Having a great website is what your customers expect. Daily Deals are when you partner up with another website such as Groupon that can promote your offer for you on a large scale. Most of your customers are already on Facebook every day....

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Indoor tanning is a multibillion dollar industry. Your business, as a tanning salon owner or manager, is to capture a portion of that revenue to make your business a success. Competition in the tanning industry is fierce, however, and you must continually work to improve sales and bring in more customers each year. Your employees are the ones with the most face-to-face contact with your customers. Each interaction between an employee and a customer is a sales opportunity. Change that mentality by offering a commission structure for the sales your employees make. This can be set up a number of ways: However you set it up, remember that it should be attractive enough to motivate your employees to sell more. For example, if you sell a tanning package, be sure to suggest tanning lotions that improve a tan. Or if you offer massages, suggest a soothing body lotion to help the customer relax. Another way to upsell purchases is by offering bonuses for purchases. For example, offer 20 free minutes of tanning for each minutes purchased. Many times customers will pay more to get something for free, increasing your sales totals. Lea Winters has written professionally since Her work has appeared in a variety of publications, covering entertainment, style and beauty topics. Winters holds a Bachelor of Journalism and a Bachelor of Science in international business from the University of Nebraska. Video of the Day. Brought to you by Techwalla. Tanning Salon Marketing Tips. Starting a Tanning Bed Business. About the Author Lea Winters has written professionally since Photo Credits sexy tanning image by Alfonso d'Agostino from Fotolia. Tips for Improving Sales at Tanning Salons. Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.

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Host a grand opening for your tanning salon if you want to give the new business a good head start. A majority of businesses that failed in the first two years, according to the website Grand Opening Help, had one thing in common: Hosting a grand opening does more than newspaper or even television advertising -- it brings people inside your establishment. Rather than just hearing or reading about your salon, people get inside and, hopefully, get involved by purchasing products and services. Decorate to be noticed. Rent a giant inflatable beach babe or gorilla. The inflatable doesn't necessarily have to be related to your business. The idea is to garner attention from passersby. Attach helium balloons and streamers to the outside of your salon, including the windows, doorway and overhangs. Offer everyone who walks through the door a freebie. It can be anything from children's arm floats to sample tanning lotions to dollar plastic sunglasses -- as long as it's free. Advertise a two-for-one grand opening. Hold an open house on the day of the grand opening. When friends or couples arrive to purchase specific tanning packages, one is free. More than likely they will split the cost of the full-price package between themselves later. This is an inventive way to encourage folks to visit the tanning salon and spend money. If your salon is in a strip mall, get the other merchants involved in promoting your business. Place cardboard cut-outs, posters and gift certificates in each storefront. Offer the other proprietors' customers gift certificates to those businesses just for purchasing a tanning package from your salon. For instance, offer the dry cleaner's customers a free dry-cleaned shirt when they use your salon. They simply bring in the incomplete certificate and redeem it after they complete the purchase. This...

Tanning promotional ideas

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Hosting a grand opening does more than newspaper or even television advertising -- it brings people inside your establishment. Rather than just hearing or. A tanning salon success depends on a good marketing strategy, and targeting a local customer base to use your tanning salon instead of a competitor's. With a. Indoor tanning is a multibillion dollar industry. Your business, as a tanning salon owner or manager, is to capture a portion of that revenue to make your business.

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